Unsupported Bloated Live Auxiliary LinuX

UBLAX is a linux distribution based on Tomas Matejicek's source code of SLAX beta and based on Debian 10 Buster.
Tomas did not approved this source code because of the high size of resulting Linux distribution (over 300 MB).
This is not SLAX, a distribution based on Debian, developed and published by Tomas Matejicek.
This is unofficially built by lucbertz; use it at your own risk; you can get a bare support ONLY in this Telegram channel: https://t.me/slaxlinux.

Linux Live Kit was downloaded from:
More information are available here: https://www.linux-live.org/.


- UBLAX ISOs are based on Debian 10.9 kernel and packages and a modified Slax source code, only in order to: add VLC media player, add Mousepad text editor, change logo, background and name, as required by Tomas;
- Unofficial 10.8 ISOs are based on unmodified Slax source code and Debian 10.8 kernel and packages.


Don't ask any support on the following iso files to Tomas Matejicek.

Following files can be downloaded freely, but, using it, you will be subjected to license use of firmware and non-free software included in Debian.